Your Personalized Knee Health Screening Solution.

Our knees are essential for mobility, helping us to stay independent and active.

Despite their importance, knee health is often overlooked.

Knee conditions that affect mobility

Primary Osteoarthritis
  • A degenerative joint condition characterized by cartilage deterioration, resulting in joint pain, stiffness and mobility issues.
  • Early knee osteoarthritis can manifest with a gradual decrease in flexion Range of Motion (ROM), typically without obvious pain or functional constraints.
  • Some may experience accelerated knee osteoarthritis, swiftly progressing from initial stages of absent radiological findings to advanced stage disease in less than 4 years.
Anterior Knee Pain Syndrome
  • Occurs when there is excessive loading of the anterior knee compartment (between the patella and distal femur), leading to cartilage tears or injury to the extensor mechanism.
  • Weak quadriceps strength, excessive weight and patella mal-tracking can trigger the condition.
  • The pain and decreased ROM can worsen with strenuous repetitive activities such as deep squatting, jumping, climbing stairs, and running.
Traumatic Joint Injuries
  • Injuries to ligaments, menisci and cartilage can result in movement abnormalities such as decreased ROM, locking or giving-way (instability).
  • These gait abnormalities can often persist after treatment, triggering recurring inflammation and resulting in early osteoarthritis.

Don't wait until persistent knee pain and functional difficulties arise.

Take action now by identifying and addressing potential issues early to ensure optimal knee health.

Introducing GATOR PRIME

A kinematic knee health screening tool designed to evaluate the movement of your knee joints

All at your convenience

Unlike traditional motion-capture systems that require high-speed cameras in a specialized gait laboratory, GATOR can be used anywhere.

Portable & Easily Worn

GATOR devices are strapped onto your thigh and calf, on top of your clothes.

Quick & Simple

You perform 2 simple exercises:
1) Fast Walk and 2) Standing Active Flexion.
GATOR measures and records your movement

Personalized Insights

A detailed report is produced with your unique gait profile and key parameters.

The GATOR PRIME score provides an aggregated result of both knees’ function and performance for comparison.

How does GATOR do it?

GATOR utilizes advanced best-in-class inertial sensors to measure knee ROM. From this, deficits or asymmetries in knee movement can be identified. These measurements serve as useful indicators of potential knee pathologies.

GATOR PRIME enables clinicians to ascertain your knee health and detect abnormalities early, empowering you to take proactive steps towards optimal knee function and enhancing overall mobility and well-being.


Who should consider GATOR PRIME?

Individuals who:

  • Experience knee discomfort or stiffness
  • Have had previous joint injuries such as ligament (e.g. ACL) or meniscus tears
  • Engage in regular physical activities or sports
  • Are exposed to repeated joint stress at work such as kneeling or prolonged standing
  • Are overweight
  • Above 40 years old

What if I don't have knee pain?

It's advisable to prioritize knee health even in the absence of pain or discomfort. Some individuals may carry asymmetrical or abnormal gait patterns without symptoms for years.

GATOR PRIME offers insights that enable early intervention and proactive management, ensuring you maintain mobility and prevent potential issues down the road. Tracking your knee health over time can lead to a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Opt for your knee screening today

Your gait profile and key gait parameters can reveal abnormalities associated with musculoskeletal or balance problems.

Make the decision to protect your knees

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